Oracle announces 1000 New Jobs in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

 Oracle announces 1000 new jobs in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Under the 'Change Happens Here' banner the company is hunting for the next generation of ambitious, driven, digitally savvy Sales Representatives to support the growth of Oracle's Cloud computing business.

The move comes on the back of the company recently posting record financial results with total cloud revenue up 58%. Oracle is now the fastest growing scaled cloud company and is predicting its cloud business will accelerate into hyper-growth in the current year.

Aimed at people from diverse backgrounds and profiles with between two to six years work experience, currently in Human Resources, Marketing, Recruitment, Finance, Supply Chain or Sales roles, Oracle will recruit candidates with a strong sense of personal drive and the ability to successfully sell some of the world's most exciting cloud technologies.

Candidates can apply immediately for a range of positions throughout EMEA, by visiting the 'Change Happens Here' page - Oracle is looking for graduate level candidates who have a genuine interest in technology and the passion for the transformation cloud computing can bring to enterprises.

Tino Scholman, VP of Oracle Cloud in the EMEA region, commented: "Our cloud business is growing at incredible rates, so now is the right time to bring in a new generation of talent to our company. We are looking to hire relationship focused people who are self-motivated and smart, who thrive for business transformation for our customers and love delivering great results. Diversity is one of the cornerstones of the unique Oracle culture. We want to offer 1,000 talented individuals the opportunity to change their career for the better, to access the best possible training and development, as well as the chance to accelerate their career within the fastest growing Cloud company at the centre of a generational shift to digital enablement."

Google Double Headcount in India for its Cloud Business

Google plans to double its headcount in India for its cloud business this year as it gets ready to battle it out for Amazon and Microsoft’s dominance in the country, its top executive told.

The public cloud services market in India is projected to grow 38% in 2017 to $1.81 billion, according to Gartner, as the market in the country remains vastly untapped. “We are building our go-to market, which spans across segments and industries. This year we are doubling our team here and we will probably double this again as we move forward,” said Mohit Pande, country head - India, Google Cloud. He did not disclose the headcount in India at present.

Google, which has invested $30 billion on its cloud platform over the past three years in building infrastructure, will open its first cloud region in India this year. This is where customers can choose to locate their applications to meet their requirements. Google has 10 regions globally at present and seven, including India, are coming up.
Rivals Amazon, Microsoft and IBM already have public cloud data centres in the country.

“India is a large market for us, also a very strategic market. We are investing a lot in India, we are opening a cloud region, we are investing in sales, marketing, customer engineering teams, professional services and partner network. We are building this ecosystem as India is a significant part of our strategy,” said Pande.

The Google Cloud enterprise offering is made up of the cloud platform, G Suite applications for workplace productivity, Google Maps for companies relying on location-based services and Android devices for business. “These are early days for the cloud. It is a very large market and we think less than 10% of workload has moved to the cloud. Most of the market is for everyone to play. We see a big momentum coming in,” said Pande.

Google, which is seen as a late entrant to the cloud storage business, is relying on its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to beat the competition. “We also think that as the overall environment for cloud improves in India, internet infrastructure is improving significantly. We are seeing the cost of data go down. We are seeing mobility moving in India big time. Corporates in India are jumping ahead and right now is a great time for any cloud company to be in India,” said Pande.

Tech Mahindra to hire 2,000 people in US

IT major Tech Mahindra plans to hire around 2,200 people in the US this year, same as last year, amid the American government's call for the creation of jobs in the country.The Mumbai-based company, which has over 6,000 people working for over 400 clients in the US, has been recruiting resources out of colleges in the US over the past four years.

"Last year, we hired around 2,200 people and we expect to do the same this year as well," Tech Mahindra President, Strategic Verticals, Lakshmanan Chidambaram told.On the reasons for stepped up US hiring, he said: "That has happened because the message from the US government is very clear that they would like us to play a bigger role in terms of employment."

Besides, some of the digital technologies being worked on require enhanced local presence, he added.Currently, the US is the single biggest market for Tech Mahindra. The company operates out of 28 cities in the US.It also has 16 development centres in the US, spread across rural and urban centres. The company has over 1.17 lakh employees globally.

Indian IT firms are facing challenges in the business environment and stricter work permit regime in countries like the US, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Apple hiring New Staff in the UAE

Apple has announced new vacancies for UAE job seekers looking to pursue a career with the multi-million dollar company.The American tech giant, which sells hundreds of millions of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets in more than 150 countries including the UAE, has posted on its career site this month’s employment openings for at least 16 roles.

The latest round of recruitment is to fill positions in Apple stores in the UAE, although there are opportunities up for grabs for those keen to work behind the storefront.Most of the jobs being offered require customer service and communication skills, and a strong interest in technology, particularly Apple products.

The American company has just expanded its market presence in the UAE, with the opening of its retail outlet in Dubai Mall, believed to be the largest in the region.The two-storey store has been envisioned to become the region’s “meeting point for creative-minded people and a place of learning and inspiration.”

  • Store leader
  • Specialist
  • Service Specialist
  • Senior manager
  • Market leader
  • Manager
  • Genius (go-to person for troubleshooting, repairing products)
  • Expert (sales-related)
  • Creative (customer service-related)
  • Business Specialist
  • Apple store leader program
  • Business leader
  • Managing editor, App Store
  • Apple Retail Consultant (various UAE locations)
  • Head of programming, Dubai (event management)

Omega Healthcare hiring 1,000 People in Bengaluru

Omega Healthcare Management Services Ltd would hire about 1,000 people over the next six months to expand its operations, the Indian arm of the US-based healthcare outsourcing provider said on Monday.

"We are hiring an additional 1,000 people in the next 6 months to expand our operations horizontally and vertically in Bengaluru where we have about 4,000 employees to provide various healthcare services," said Omega co-founder and Chief Executive Gopi Natarajan in a statement.

The company has also 4,000 employees at its Trichy operations in Tamil Nadu, about 330 km from south of Chennai, making it one of the largest white-collar employers in the southern state in healthcare services.

The additional hiring will enable the company to sustain its 30 per cent cumulative average growth rate in this tech hub.

"We have been able to provide alternate career options to life sciences graduates by training and providing them with the required skills. Through our Omega Medical Coding Academy (OMCA), we aspire to train more people in medical coding and give them a platform to grow in this field," said operational location head Julius Raj Stephen in the statement.

The company, which serves about 100 clients in the US, has expanded its offerings to cloud-based data analytic solutions by acquiring WhiteSpace Healthcare in early May for an unspecified amount.

The US-based WhiteSpace has a development centre in Hyderabad. "WhiteSpace Health's guided business intelligence platform enables better patient outcomes and improved financial performance using advanced data analytics. It's cloud-based platform unlocks the data asset value by integrating data from multiple sources, including call centre, patient portals, electronic health records, practice management systems and billing systems," said the company in an earlier statement.

The solutions help healthcare providers improve practice engagement, reduce cost, improve productivity and meet the reporting of core measures. The 13-year-old Indian subsidiary also has two more operational centres in Chennai and at Bhimavaram town in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

Infosys Hire 2,000 new jobs in North Carolina

Infosys announced it will hire 2,000 workers over the next four years for a technology hub in North Carolina, the second of four planned hubs in the US. Infosys executives were joined by North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper at a public event in which they said the hub will be developed in the state's Research Triangle region.

The consulting company expects to hire the first 500 North Carolina workers within two years as part of an overall strategy leading to the eventual creation of 10,000 jobs overall across the four sites. The first was announced for Indiana in May and the other two locations haven't yet been announced.

Infosys already has more than 1,100 jobs in North Carolina, according to state documents. Company officials will begin hiring for the hub later this year, company president Ravi Kumar said in the appearance with Cooper at North Carolina's old Capitol Building. "We know that they feel strongly about North Carolina and the potential that our state holds," Cooper said.

Kumar stressed that the jobs created as part of its US expansion would go to American workers. While workers could come to North Carolina from all over the country, Kumar emphasised the company aimed to fill positions in part through recruiting local university graduates and training workers through a customised community college programmed.

"This was an easy one for us," Kumar said. "That's one of the key reasons why we chose North Carolina - there's such an excellent ecosystem of colleges and schools."

The jobs will be created in Wake County, which encompasses Raleigh and parts of the Research Triangle Park, with average salaries of $71,000. A state incentives panel finalised an agreement earlier Thursday whereby Infosys could receive $22.4 million in taxpayer-funded grants if they meet job creation, investment and wage thresholds. Another $3 million from the state would help create the community college training programme.

The incentives, which are linked to a percentage of the income tax withheld from the paychecks of newly-hired workers, have been used by North Carolina for more than a decade.

Cooper defended their use as necessary even in a county where the unemployment rate is below four per cent, saying incentives were needed to compete with other states that offer similar benefits to attract higher-paying jobs. At least seven other states are recruiting Infosys, a state document said.

Infosys, which has corporate clients worldwide and in North Carolina, will use the technology hubs to bring their employees and client workers together to develop products for things such as artificial intelligence, big data analysis and shared computing.

Previously, Infosys announced its first hub as part of plans to hire 2,000 new workers by the end of 2021 in the Indianapolis area, home turf of Vice President Mike Pence, a former Indiana governor. President Donald Trump has blasted an American visa programme that tech companies have heavily relied upon to temporarily bring in workers from other countries at lower wages.

Infosys, which is headquartered in Bangalore, employs more than 200,000 workers worldwide."Anytime you want to hire, we always find a shortage of talent... and to get talent out there, you want to go to schools and enable them with a strong training infrastructure and bring them into to a productive workforce," Kumar told reporters. "We want to hire locally."

Capgemini Hire 20,000 people in India

Capgemini is expecting to hire over 20,000 people in India this year and has reskilled 45,000 employees until May as it takes strides towards automation. The French IT services consultant had hired 33,000 last year and re-skilled 51,000.

"There is a lot of training. We are investing a lot of money in the development of training programmes because automation and the integration of automation are leading to a lot of opportunity for our workforce," Christopher Stancombe, head, industrialisation and automation, Capgemini, told.

The company has about 100,000 people in its India operations. It did not share its global hiring and training figures, citing a silent period before releasing of quarterly results on July 27."We are seeing an increase in demand and automation is helping our people be more productive," said Stancombe.

Most IT companies are hiring fewer people and reskilling staff in adopting automation and digitisation. Nasscom's annual review said jobs grew only by 5% in FY17 and there may be a 20-25% reduction over the next three years.

Stancombe said, "We have been more focused on the positive side. We are seeing that it is releasing people's time to enable them to do other things -a bit more analytics, customer care. We are seeing a positive influence and a great opportunity for us, clients and employees. Automation is actually increasing demand for people."

The gap between revenue and job growth is expected to increase, given the commoditised nature of IT services as robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence become a part of the business model.

TCS, India's largest IT firm, said it offered jobs to close to 20,000 this it offered jobs to close to 20,000 this fiscal and has skilled 200,000 employees across 600,000 competencies. The Mumbai-based company had 3,87,223 employees at March end, against 3,53,843 a year ago -a jump of 9.5%.

Bangalore-based Infosys is going to hire 20,000 in India in FY 2018.A total number of employees in Infosys stood at 2,00,364 as of March 31, 2017, versus 1,94,044 a year ago -a mere 3% increase.

Oracle announces 1000 New Jobs in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

 Oracle announces 1000 new jobs in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Under the 'Change Happens Here' banner the company is hu...