Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Emirates Airline, Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways Jobs Openings in April

Two world’s biggest airlines –   Dubai-based Emirates airline and   Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways – are on a hiring spree in April.

Emirates will conduct several assessment days across 17 global cities this month to add to its cabin crew numbers for the huge number of aircraft it has on order.

The Dubai carrier is the world’s biggest customer of the super jumbo A380s, with an order of 140 aircraft amounting to 40 per cent of the total global supply. In addition, it is also the biggest customer for Boeing’s newest family of twin-aisle airplanes, and has on order 150 Boeing 777X planes.In total, Emirates has an order-book of more than 280 aircraft, with a total value of approximately $138 billion.

The carrier will hold cabin crew assessment days across the globe and include both open days and invitation-only events. For open days, the airline is asking candidates to submit their CVs to its recruitment team.

For those who meet the required criteria will attend the cabin crew screening and assessment process, either the same day, or the following day, depending on the number of candidates in attendance.

Final interviews will be scheduled over the course of the same week, says the airline, suggesting the hiring process will be swift.

This month, Emirates is conducting these hiring sessions in

·        Pretoria, South Africa (23rd April)

·        Bangkok, Thailand (23rd April)

·        Beirut, Lebanon (23rd April)

·        Oslo, Norway (23rd April)

·        Dubrovnik, Croatia (23rd April)

·        Athens, Greece (23rd April)

·        Budapest, Hungary (23rd April)

·        Buenos Aires, Argentina (23rd April)

·        Lyon, France (25th April)

·        Bologna, Italy (26th April)

·        Algiers, Algeria (27th of April)

·        New Delhi, India (27th April)

·        Toronto, Canada (28th April)

·        Prague, Czech Republic (30th April)

·        Paris, France (30th April)

·        Chennai, India (30th April)

·        Washington, USA (30th April)

Invitation-only days, on the other hand, are strictly by appointment. For this, interested candidates are required to apply on-line, which will be followed with a review of the application.

Only those shortlisted will receive an invitation with the date and location of the assessment day.

Abu Dhabi’s Etihad too is conducting assessment days this month. Invite-only assessment days will be held in:

·        Naples (13th April)

·        Turin (13th April)

·        Venice (15th April)

·        Abu Dhabi (17th and 24th April)

·        Belgrade (26th April)

·        Sao Paulo (26th April).

In addition, ‘CV drop days’ will be held in Manchester (13th April) and Rome (14th April).

Emirates cabin crew pay packages:  Emirates cabin crew benefits will depend on the role, as per the airline.

The pay package includes the fixed monthly cash payment (related to the position and based on the knowledge and competencies of the individual). Emirates provides shared cabin crew accommodation with own bedroom.

Profit-sharing schemes, exchange rate protection scheme, professional specialist allowances also make up a part of the package. However, these benefits depend upon the role and/or applicant’s unique personal circumstance.

Transportation to and from the airport and other standard non-cash elements like annual leave, leave tickets, end of service gratuity, medical and insurance form a part of the package. On leaving the company, an employee is entitled to an end of service gratuity or provident scheme payment, whichever is higher.

Education support allowance is given to staff in more senior positions and eligible UAE National and GCC citizens are enrolled into their respective government pension scheme, with employee and company contributions payable.

Etihad Airlines cabin crew pay packages :  Etihad Airlines provides a competitive salary within the industry and reviewed on a regular basis.

Free accommodation in a modern shared fully-furnished apartment, with own private facilities is included. Transportation from accommodation to the airport for flight duties and back home is provided.

Airline travel benefits include unlimited personal travel at special rates, an annual leave ticket and concessions for family and friends to use. Free private medical insurance and life/accident insurance is also included.

You will also be entitled to an annual leave of 30 days besides the special discounts at restaurants, shops, hotels and leisure facilities across the United Arab Emirates and the region.

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