Thursday, June 23, 2016

10 Great freelance,consulting or part times jobs

Writers, delivery drivers and home healthcare aides are among the best jobs for independents
Freelance, consulting and part-time workers have all combined to become an increasingly sizable cornerstone of the American workforce. It is estimated that there are roughly 10 million freelance and consulting workers in the US, which is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years.

CareerCast, a job portal, has identified 10 great jobs for independent workers, including accountant, multimedia artist, writer, occupational therapist, and delivery truck driver. Other promising freelance jobs include management analyst, home healthcare aide, hand laborer and material mover, information security analyst, and software developer.

“Working independently can translate to unparalleled flexibility,” says Kyle Kensing, online content editor, “The ‘independent employee’ economy is expected to reach 40 per cent by the next decade, which means many opportunities for the self-employed.”

Full-time freelancers do take on an element of risk. They typically must find multiple opportunities in order to earn the income typical of a single, full-time job. Freelancers must also be prepared to fund their own health insurance and adapt to new challenges.

Ultimately, a part-time job or gig is a great way to supplement income or gain additional work experience. The following are 10 great freelance, consulting or part-time jobs in five different sectors.

Median Pay Per Hour (2015)*
Management Analyst 
Multimedia Artist                                           
Writer and Author                                         
Home Healthcare Aide                                 
Occupational Therapist                                
Information Security Analyst                          
Software Developer                                      
Delivery Truck Drivers                                  
Hand Laborer and Material Mover                 

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