Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Reasons for Job Seekers fail to crack Interviews

Landing a high-paying job that can put you on the right career trajectory requires the best of education, a lot of talent, immense hard work and several years of extensive experience.

It’s all these factors that can land you a good job. However, there is a bit more that needs to be covered if you are looking for your dream role. Today’s job seekers should be aware of certain things before they go in for an interview and while making the right decision when it comes to taking up a job or not.

In some cases, candidates fail to crack interviews because of lack of preparation, while in others, they are not offered the right compensation as per their skills and experience.

Also, they often aim too high or low when identifying the job that matches their skills, experience and education. So clearly, finding the best job opportunity is not a cakewalk and sure enough, it becomes all the more challenging when they don't know how to move ahead on the career path, according to experts at jobs portal Times Jobs.

There are four questions that each job seeker should look at and be aware of the answers to ensure the job they are looking at is the best fit for him/her.

Which are the best companies that can help you achieve your career goals?

We all want to work for the best of companies so ask yourself if the one you’ve have applied to and choose to work for is the best match for you.

Look for company reviews and ratings that can provide insights like work culture, growth opportunities and work-life balance of companies, submitted by actual employees. It helps jobseekers choose companies which will be most upright for their career.

Are you prepared to crack those tough company interviews?

Many of the questions that interviewers ask candidates are very common and figure in most of the interviews that take place but candidates still fumble while answering them, killing their chances of getting a job.

According to a previous survey by www.jobbuzz.in, a jobs portal, if only candidates could better prepare themselves for some set standard interview questions, their chances to impress the employers would be greater that could take them to the next stage of interview and finally the job.

If you want to shine during this stage of your job search, look up on the huge collection of interview questions and tips online. Research enough on your potential employer to be sure of what you say.

Are you being offered a fair package?

The best way to negotiate when it comes to money is knowing your own worth. Ask yourself how does the salary offered stands in comparison to similar candidates pay package in area of your expertise? What salary should you negotiate for?

Ask employees who are at par with you, get in touch with ex-employees and recruiters to get an idea of the money that should be offered and then negotiate the right compensation for the job based on the current market levels.

Are you looking for the best platforms to seek potential companies?

It’s difficult to find one platform where you will find the best companies that you would want to apply for. However, narrow down your search by looking at social networking websites where you can get leads or popular jobs websites and recruiters that can offer you more jobs.

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