Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Emirates and Etihad Airways hiring Empolyees

UAE’s two big airlines – Emirates and Etihad Airways – are hiring pilots and cabin crew members to add to their respective teams. Candidates can apply to these positions in July, when the recruitment process begins with various road shows and assessment days.

Emirates will be conducting pilot roadshows and information sessions to hire skilled and successful flight deck crew across locations in July.

There are several such events lined up for which online application is required. Such an event is being held in Chilie - Santiago on the 6th of July (open invitation roadshow), 7th of July (invitation only screening) and 8th of July (invitation only screening).

Such events are also happening in Brazil - Sao Paulo on 9th, 10th and 11th of July; Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur from 11th – 21st of July; USA – Miami from 18th – 28th of July; Hong Kong on 29th and 30th of July.

During the airline’s pilot selection programme (PSP) events, each candidate is required to attend for a single day during which he will be taken through a welcome brief/simulator brief, simulator assessment (basic flying skills, flight deck management and airmanship), advanced compass test (comprehensive skills and aptitude) and psychometric testing. Successful candidates will be flown to Dubai for the remainder of the process at a later date.

Besides, Emirates cabin crew recruitment team will be conducting international assessments in different countries in July. These include open days and invitation only days.

Such events are being held in Australia - Sydney on the 31st of July; in Bosnia & Herzegovina – Sarajevo on the 14th of July; in Brazil - Sao Paulo on the 23rd of July; in Bulgaria – Sofia on the 9th of July; in Canada- Vancouver on the 9th of July and in China – Guangzhou on the 25th of July among several other destinations.

Etihad Airways is also organising some invitation only assessment days in July. Such an event is being held in Kiev on 12th of July; in Paris on 18th of July; in Lisbon on 18th of July; in Amsterdam on 25th of July and in Abu Dhabi on the 27th of July.

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