Thursday, September 1, 2016

Job-hunting tips that can help you get hired

Employers are looking for the right candidates despite the slowdown in the job market. The secret is not in sending out hundreds of CVs but changing your job search strategy to ensure you are in the right place at the right time.

Here are some better ways, if used properly, can make your job search effective and may bear results by giving you the right leads.

Use technology effectively

Technology should play an integral part of your job search. There are plenty of resources available on the Internet like search engines, job positing websites, company websites, and email alerts, using these tools effectively, which can make your job search more efficient.

Search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo can be as useful to search more information about the offers by companies. Try different strategies to find the job that best suits you, look up jobs by trying both singular and plural terms. Candidates can use mobile applications that are available to download on the phones, and anything that matches your search will pop up without having to search websites over and over again.

Keep right connections:

Utilize the connections you have and they do the most when they are in the industry and the companies that you are looking to work for. Whether it’s on social media websites or professional networking for jobs on reputed jobs portal, it can connect you with companies, recruiters, hiring companies etc. so that you are in the loop when an opportunity comes up.

Candidates mainly apply to jobs that are advertised publicly but miss on the many chances of employment because they are not aware that such vacant roles exist and are quickly filled up by those in the loop.

These jobs create what is known as the ‘hidden job market’ and many employers deliberately withhold advertising vacancies to the public as these slots are circulated internally or matched with the CVs of the candidates already in their database, minimizing the chances of employment for others. If you are keeping right connections, they inform you about the chances in the organizations.

Internal hiring, picking up people from the existing pool of candidates and employee referrals create and contribute to this hidden job market.

If you have a very extensive network of people who are placed in different companies and you share a good rapport with them not only they will give you a heads up what is becoming available but can also refer you for the job, giving you some extra brownie points.

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