Friday, October 7, 2016

Paladion Networks to hire 300 people

Cyber security firm Paladion Networks plans on hiring about 300 people this year as it sees demand for its on demand and cyber active services increase. Sunil Gupta, chief operating office, Paladion Networks that of the 300, about 20% would be specialists in data analysis as customers are gradually starting to shift to a predictive security model which would require specialist talent.

Our traditional business will continue to grow but we expect 20-30% of our customers to shift to the predictive model in the next 12-18 months so the hiring patterns will be different,” he said. The company currently employs over 900 people and will also be hiring in the US as it scales up its presence in the country. Gupta was earlier COO, Edge Verve and has been brought in to help the company scale up its presence in India and the Middle East, currently its biggest markets.

Paladion Networks specializes in information risk management and operates six security operations centers around the world. The company is also seeing a rapid rise in demand for its offering for small and medium enterprises, Paladion on Demand, expect revenue to go up 10 times from the Rs2 cr that it posted last year. “This is a cloud based offering that takes into consideration the cost concerns that SMEs have. It has a long tail but takes time, right now we have several clients and are also doing a lot of trials” said Gupta

In the last four months, the company has seen sales of $1.6mn, he said. The focus now is on creating a global delivery model that can work both on shore and offshore, and moving from being a people centric to a value centric business

“We want to create templates and standardize the value we can create through this,” he said. The company has traditionally been strong in India and the Middle East but is now starting to focus on the lucrative North American market given that the largest spend on financial services happens there.

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