Monday, August 21, 2017

Prominent Schools in Dubai Start to recruit Teachers

Job vacancies in Dubai schools are up for Candidates. Many prominent schools are looking to recruit teachers for Arabic, English, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This is the ideal time to apply for one.

According to Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the private school teachers' qualifications will be subject to inspection. The teaching staff should have an employment contract with the private school and should be under the private school payroll.

New teacher licensing scheme

The UAE Teacher and Educational Leadership Standards have been developed by educational regulators in the country to make sure that teachers at different career stages can demonstrate the competence needed to provide quality teaching and learning for students across the UAE.

School administrations will now be tasked with registering their teachers for the licensing scheme over the next four years, and talks as to whether this licence will become internationally recognised are ongoing.

As part of the teacher-licensing project, the competence of teachers will be judged against a number of performance criteria and indicators, and teachers will have to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and skills as part of the requirements of acquiring a teaching licence.

The standards set forth in the programme align with the UAE Vision to adopt international best practices for teaching and creating a first-rate education system in the country. Teachers will undergo professional development and assessments, which is designed to standardize their skills and practices across schools.

Some of the vacancies, based on the info at various Dubai school websites 
Arabic Teacher
In Dubai (both male and female can apply)
Salary range between Dh4,900-Dh5,200. Salary is negotiable

GEMS Education

Maths Teacher
Bachelor's/ Master's Degree in the subject specialization with a BEd
Experience: 2 years
Location: UAE
Curriculum: CBSE (India)

French Teacher
Experience: 2 years
Location: UAE
Curriculum: CBSE (India)

MFL Teacher
Location: UAE
Curriculum: The National Curriculum for England

Primary Teachers
Location: UAE
Curriculum: The National Curriculum for England

Supervisors - Primary, Middle and Senior School
Location: UAE
Curriculum: CBSE (India)
Bachelor, Master, Professional/Others

Nursery Teacher/Supervisor (Native English Speakers only)

Regent International School
Arabic & Islamic Studies RIS
Teaching Assistant-Cum-Cleaner
Primary Teacher

Secondary English Teacher
Secondary Arabic Teachers

1. Maths
5. Biology
6. Computer Science
7. English
8. ICT 
9. Social Studies
10. SEN Coordinator
11.  Arabic
12.  Islamic
13.  Art
Male / Female with degree or post-graduation in any discipline with BEd and a minimum of 2-3 years of experience is preferred.

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