Monday, October 2, 2017

Karnataka Data Science, Artificial Intelligence hub offer 35,000 Jobs

Karnataka government announced it will establish a Centre of Excellence for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (CoE-DS&AI), with Nasscom as the programme and implementation partner. IT and tourism minister Priyank Kharge said the CoE will enable global corporates who plan to set up their global analytics practice in Karnataka and create jobs for 35,000 data science and artificial intelligence professionals over the next five years.

The CoE, being set up at a cost of Rs 40 crore, is said to be first-of-its-kind port based on PPP model, and will accelerate the ecosystem in Karnataka. It will also provide the impetus for the development of data science and artificial intelligence across the country. “The state government will further support the initiative with a significant share of investment required for initial five years and nonsensitive data which can augment innovation and research in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence across the country,“ the IT & BT department said in a statement.

“Karnataka has led the IT revolution in India and has always been at the forefront in areas of science and IT. Our government has played a substantial role in developing a robust startup entrepreneurial ecosystem through its startup policies, startup warehouses executed by Nasscom and with financial aid wherever required,“ Kharge said.

This Centre of Excellence, he said, is only a “logical next step required to provide the right fillip to areas of data science and artificial intelligence and give a head-start to, not just the state, but India as a destination to develop global product solutions.“

IT department principal secretary Gaurav Gupta said businesses across the globe are undergoing rapid changes propelled by digital disruption.Considering the opportunity that emerging digital technologies that will provide in times to come, this CoEDS&AI is strategically placed to provide data-backed solutions to many complex problems of the world,“ he said.

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