Thursday, November 9, 2017

How to make a good impression in an Interview

Acing the interview

A job interview gives you the opportunity to not only showcase your capabilities and credentials for the position applied for but also makes a compelling impression to stand out from the competing candidates.

But you need to take care of a lot of factors such as preparation, physical appearance and body language to create a favourable impression.

Get the basics right

Keep the fundamentals in mind while going for a job interview. Dressing sharply and being punctual is of prime importance. Ideally, reach the interview venue at least 15 minutes before time. Don't show yourself as being nervous; be calm when you head in for the meeting

Focus on the handshake

The handshake is absolutely essential in cementing a positive first impression. Shake hands firmly with your interviewer(s). Your grip should not be limp, neither should it be bone-crushing. The ideal handshake should last at least two or three seconds and be accompanied by eye contact with the interviewer.

Pay attention to body language

Hiring managers form impressions about candidates by observing their body languages, such as facial expressions and their style of sitting.

Maintain a positive, open position. Posture is important; candidates can sit at an angle from the interviewer rather than straight across, which will feel friendlier rather than confrontational.

Don't jump into negotiations

Do be sure to inquire about the job -its challenges, projects you will work on and the expectations from you in the role. Don't jump to ask salary or designation. This will create a negative impression. Demonstrate your fitment and interest in the role confidently, respectfully and enthusiastically.

Don't be disrespectful

An interview should not be the place to say anything that could be remotely construed as disrespectful. Cracking informal jokes, badmouthing previous organisations or bosses, or even trying to appear 'too cool' for the interview can leave a very negative impression, so behave and speak carefully.

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