Friday, March 2, 2018

Facebook Expands Job Listing Feature to 40 more Countries

  •   Facebook has announced its job-hunting service is rolling out to 40 countries
  •   It was first introduced in the US and Canada last year and is now expanding
  •   Jobs can be listed or applied to at a 'dashboard' in Facebook applications
Facebook's job listings feature has gotten so popular that the social media giant is expanding it internationally. The firm said that its job-hunting service is expanding to 40 more countries in the next few weeks, including the UK, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Brazil.

Facebook introduced jobs listings in the US and Canada last year.Since then, the service has grown in popularity and in scale, Facebook vice president Alex Himel wrote in a blog post.In a survey of 5,000 adults, one in four people in the US said they searched for or found a job using Facebook.

Facebook has enhanced it to handle tasks such as managing applications, scheduling interviews, and get alerts when desired types of positions are listed.Jobs can be listed, or applied for, at a 'dashboard' devoted to the purpose of Facebook applications.Facebook users can filter their results based on local jobs, job categories and job type. 

The job platform can't show any other information on a user's profile aside from what is made public by the user.Use of the basic service is free, but businesses can pay to 'boost' posts and more strongly target candidates, according to the Silicon Valley-based social network.Job posts appear in several locations on the social network, including business pages, Marketplace, and in News Feed.

How Can you access Facebooks Job Features
  •      Navigate to your News Feed
  •     On the side of the page, there's a section titled 'Explore,' which has options to click on   'Events,' 'Pages' and 'Groups,' among other things
  •     Click on the option for 'Jobs'
  •     From there, you can specify based on location, industry and job type
 With more than two billion users around the world, Facebook promises strong potential for connecting people seeking work with open jobs, especially medium- or low-skill jobs in local enterprises.' a lot of these businesses who aren't able to fill their positions elsewhere, they're seeing success on Facebook,' Himel said.

Facebook's job service wades into the terrain of career-focused social network LinkedIn, which Microsoft bought two years ago in a deal valued at $26 billion.But LinkedIn is seen as an online venue for professionals to cultivate connections and opportunities whereas Facebook's job service appeared crafted for positions requiring less schooling or specialized training.

 LinkedIn typically helps connect people with jobs that require skilled or highly skilled labour.
Google rolled out a similar jobs listing feature last June that serves up help-wanted listings that it finds on the internet.The feature also shows the typical commute time for each job.

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