Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Techies need to up-skill 15-20 times to achieve Career growth

Some of the most sought-after job skills include knowledge of artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotics, and techies will need to up-skill 15-20 times to achieve career growth, says a study.

According to the edu-tech platform, Edureka's Fastest Growing Tech Skills report that examined more than 16,900 responses, the race for innovation among businesses is getting reflected in the race for learning.

As per the report, the fastest-growing tech skills include artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), the blockchain, robotic process automation (RPA), cloud computing and DevOps, data science and big data.

The report noted that one skill in isolation is not enough anymore and a combination of frameworks, programming languages and tools are required of professionals in these domains.

As per the report, artificial intelligence is widely recognised as a skill that can leapfrog a technology professional's career growth. Edureka has seen more than 100 percent increase in learners for the AI course in the last 6 months.

The report said IoT is another technology of the future that did not have a dedicated job role until recently but is now one of the hottest skills to master and an IoT Developer can earn an average salary of USD 91,438 per annum.

The blockchain is revolutionising connectivity and transactions. Professionals who can develop and deploy blockchains can expect a bright career owing to the huge skill gap. The average salary of a blockchain software architect is pegged at USD 123,260 per annum.

Organisations are looking to automate large-scale iterative jobs to increase efficiency and hence the demand for robotics process automation (RPA) professionals is on a rise. At Edureka, there is a 78 percent increase in learners opting for RPA courses in the last 6 months.

Cloud computing and DevOps have seen a steady growth rate of 35 percent, while a 60 percent increase was seen in learners opting for data science training in the last 6 months at Edureka.

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